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In everyone’s life, unexpected or unfavourable circumstances may arise that necessitate the assistance of legal authorities. However, often these issues are sensitive, and it feels uncomfortable to approach formal institutions. Reasons could vary from avoiding public disclosure of personal details to not wanting to show active involvement in the process. In such scenarios, AusCovert Investigations, a detective agency, is your saviour.

Understanding the Intricacies of a Private Investigation

A private investigation is a meticulously strategised set of activities with a primary objective of gathering, organising, and examining information that pertains to the case in question. These are vital aspects that set a private investigation apart from investigations undertaken by official government bodies.

Government law enforcement bodies investigate incidents where there’s a breach of criminal or any other legal code. In these situations, the person reporting the case must provide an application and all necessary information, which often they may prefer not to disclose.

On the other hand, a private detective not only investigates criminal infractions but also delves into any situations that the client finds significant. A detective agency can help resolve issues that government officials may outrightly decline.

Cases Typically Handled by Detective Agencies

Detective agencies employ professionals who are adept at solving a wide range of issues, including family disputes, financial matters, and interpersonal problems.

Private Detective Services by AusCovert Investigations

Information Lookup

We provide comprehensive search services for all types of data – be it on individuals, legal entities, or property. If it’s contact information you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

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People Search

Whether you’re hunting for long-lost relatives, friends, or debtors, or need to locate potential witnesses, we’ve got the advanced surveillance technology and equipment to track people down.

Support for Business Owners

We conduct thorough checks on potential business partners, provide business intelligence, identify potential sources of information leakage, and assist in detecting theft within your company.

Family Affairs

We offer services like infidelity detection and proof, property search, and monitoring services for children or babysitters.

Surveillance Services

Our surveillance services include outdoor monitoring, route tracking, wiretapping, and access to video camera recordings.


Our team will perform thorough checks of your office or home for detection of eavesdropping devices or hidden cameras. They are also skilled in detecting any ongoing surveillance to prevent information leakage.

Phone Calls and Correspondence Lookup

We can easily identify the owner of any phone number and provide call details, thanks to our access to various databases. You can also receive the content of text messages, emails, and social media messages pertaining to individuals of interest.

Information Collection

We source and collect vital information. This includes locating witnesses, obtaining necessary documents, and securing video recordings.

Vehicle Recovery

In the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft, we can help determine the route taken by the thief, pinpoint the exact location, and assist in returning the vehicle to its rightful owner.

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Tackling Blackmail: A Guide to Engaging Detective Services

The prevalence of blackmail is a significant issue faced by both adults and teens alike. At AusCovert Investigations, we provide services well beyond just resolving such distressing situations.

Our services include extensive research into individuals’ income and credit history, as well as helping locate burial sites. 

However, our assistance is not limited to these areas. We thrive on finding effective solutions to non-standard situations, tailored to meet our client’s unique needs. If you wish to avail our services, simply choose a convenient time to discuss your needs with our detective. You can reach us via a call, instant messenger, or by leaving a request on our website.

Why Choose AusCovert Investigations?

When you engage our detective agency, we provide a clear action plan, ensuring predictability of outcomes. Our private detectives devote more time to your specific concern, thereby enhancing the speed and efficiency at which your issue is resolved.

Our Key Advantages:

• Superior Resources: In contrast, advanced tools are integral to our methods.

• Highly Skilled Team: Blending legal savvy and broad range of competencies encompassing data collection methodologies, our ensemble collaborates harmoniously toward attaining definitive insights.

• Access to Confidential Information Sources: Accessing privileged information sources enables us to locate vital details expeditiously through our connections.

• Reliable Data: By employing reliable sources exclusively, we can guarantee that our analysis accurately reflects current conditions.

• Guaranteed Results: Upholding our word, we guarantee client satisfaction with timely delivery.

• Utmost Confidentiality: We assure 100% anonymity. Under our watchful eye, sensitive data enjoys maximum security and discretionary handling practices.

Examining our Processes as Professional Detectives

With a focus on speed, we stand by our reputation. Meeting client needs with speed and efficiency, we guarantee quick turnaround times upon request.

A unique solution designed especially for every client forms our basis for success. Seasoned detectives strategically allocate resources towards solving complex issues, offering swift resolution through direct client consultations.

Confirming our quality standards, our state license serves as validation alongside abundant favorable customer feedback.

Our Pricing Structure

The cost of our private detective services depends on several factors. Among these are:

  • Experience and professionalism of the specialist: Services provided by a highly experienced detective are costlier, but this is offset by the efficiency and speed of the investigation.
  • Complexity of the task: For simpler tasks, the cost of services is fixed. If a non-standard approach is required, the price is calculated individually.
  • Working conditions: Our detectives often have to work at night or travel to other localities.
  • Number of employees required: The number of staff needed to resolve the issue, along with potential risks to the detective’s life and health, also factor into the cost.

Should you have a complex problem, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a request on our website. You can also ask a detective a free question. Our team of experts is here to assist you in even the most unique situations, provided they don’t involve criminal objectives.