Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AusCovert Investigations a licenced Private Investigation Company?

Yes, the company and all of the private Investigators are licenced under the Security Providers Act 1993 and the Commercial Agents & Private Inquiry Agents ACT 2004 (NSW)

Is everything Private and Confidential?

Yes, we are very discreet and your privacy is very important to us and all matters are treated
as strictly private and confidential.

Do customers of AusCovert Investigations receive a report?

Yes all investigations including surveillance, missing persons, background checks,
bug sweeping all include a full detailed report and where applicable photographs and video
have date and time stamps.

Do you accept Credit Cards and direct deposits?

Yes, all major credit cards excepted including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal with the
relevant small bank merchant surcharges approx 2%.

Can customers receive a free quote?
Yes, we like to understand the matter and discuss outcomes first to help achieve your
objective to the investigation. We then discuss fee for the service.

Can the reports from Investigations and surveillance be used for mediation, State or Federal
Court matters?

Yes. All investigations are conducted lawfully, and all information is admissible in Court.

Does AusCovert Investigations have a high success rate in locating missing persons in

Yes we do. On average 90% of missing persons or skip trace matters are solved with positive
outcomes within 3 days.

Can you find listening devices or GPS trackers on cars?

Yes we can. Our (TSCM) Bug sweeping technicians and Security Providers are highly trained
in TSCM, many years of combined hands on experience and are upto date with the current
methodologies people use to track cars and illegally listening into persons private

Do you investigate after hours and or the weekends?

Yes we have Male and Female Investigators Australia wide that work 24/7 to meet and
exceed Clients investigation needs.

Can you gather surveillance evidence for cheating partners or Workcover related

Yes we are very experienced in surveillance and provide High Definition videos on all
surveillance matters to help you make an informed decision, minimise a civil claim and or
for use in litigation.