Locating Missing Persons Is Our Core Business

The investigations for ‘missing persons’ are treated strictly confidentially. The complexity of service and cost will reflect individual requirements, which depend on the subject’s situation and potential location. We always ensure confidentiality; the subject remains ignorant of our inquiries, which are conducted usually with absolute sensitivity and discretion at all times. Research Associates, as with all cases, ensures that we keep clients informed of their case progress and consult them on any crucial decision.

The cost of finding missing persons essentially depends on the information available about the situations of the person, and hence the complexity of the investigation and searches needed to locate a person. We ensure to find the most linear, direct approach to finding a person. This is done by asking the right questions before initiating inquiries. Having up-to-date background facts decreases the cost of investigation compared to the more complicated requirements to locate people whose full identity is unknown, trace birth parents, or trace people internationally.

Locating a missing person is often a complex or delicate operation that requires sensitivity, tact, and understanding of the business. The reputation of the investigator relies on us to create a considerate and helpful environment and to carry out our services at all times with discretion and professionalism.

Investigations for commonly missing persons

  • Debtors including individuals who might actively avoid being located
  • People who have left their homes and ‘disappeared’
  • Locating long-lost friends or colleagues to get in touch again
  • Search for family members abandoned at birth for adoption
  • Searches by parents and siblings for the ones adopted at birth
  • Individual location for wills and inheritance
  • Missing heirs
  • Locating company managers in respect of personal guarantees or personal debt
  • Locate missing witnesses
  • Location of children strangled or disappeared
  • Family members missing or lost, and long-lost friends
  • Trace family members or former partners strangled
  • Locating former partners/spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends to reestablish contact

AusCovert Investigations employ only experienced specialists in the field of locating missing persons. Where outdated tactics are unable to track a current address or other contact modes, AusCovert Investigations can deploy special intelligence methods (not normally used elsewhere) to track individuals, locally or internationally, even the most difficult to locate.

Since every investigation is fundamentally unique and on account of the delicate nature of everything we do, our suggestion is to call and speak with us before beginning any assignment. By talking in confidence through the outline of your present situation and asking just a few non-intrusive questions, we become totally capable of understanding your exact requirement. This will also allow you to get to know how we are working and give us a clear plan of action, time, costs to complete, and decide if you want to instruct us.


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