Fraud in insurance is something that no business can afford. AusCovert Investigations covers the full sort of cases for insurance fraud, from fraud in health care to disability and even falsified claims to death. Our experts are well-trained to look for the tell-tale signs of a scam: they can assess claims, conduct interviews, medical and hospital records, review statements and documents, and conduct on-site inspections.

insrurance fraud investigatorInsurance fraud is a very serious crime that can have serious penalties for fraudsters who might find their future job prospects impacted, find it harder to get vital financial services such as insurance, get a criminal conviction and even face the prospect of imprisonment.

We work with our clients and all the appropriate insurance personnel to achieve timely, discreet results that you need. AusCovert Investigations experts provide careful use of their investigative training in every engagement to protect your confidentiality while uncovering the facts of the case.

AusCovert Investigations handles several investigation forms, including but not limited to:

  • Factual investigations of the claims
  • Investigations of witness statements
  • Employee compensation
  • Disability claims
  • Background check
  • Locate hidden assets
  • Liability claims
  • Claims regarding motor vehicle injury
  • The clinic and medical audits
  • Property claims, Death checks
  • Investigations
  • An investigation into medical fraud
  • Investigations for travel claims
  • SIU (Hourly InvestigativeĀ Services) services
  • Activity checks
  • Fraud investigations


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