There’s nothing worse than a suspicion that your spouse or partner, the world’s most important person, has betrayed you by sharing intimacy with someone else who knows all secrets of your life. You’ve dedicated years of your life to them, you’ve supported them and made sacrifices, they’re your rock.

You’re feeling anxious, no doubt, blowing it all out of proportion, worried that you’re paranoid, seeing things that aren’t there, really. You can’t eat or sleep easily, it affects your work and your concentration. I can imagine you’re beginning to doubt yourself and wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

cheating partners- infidelity

Well, if you feel those suspicions, it’s usually for good reason! We investigate 98% of infidelity cases for our clients are truthful. You’ll have gathered on a number of behavioral changes or events that have led you to doubt your partner’s integrity.

You may have approached your partner about your suspicions, and they denied it? I can imagine that you are now at the end of your rope and that you are desperate to identify either way so that both of you can move on, whether it is together or separately.

Some facts about a Cheating Partner

  1. It is estimated that at some point during their marriage about 30% to 60% of all married persons will engage in infidelity.
  2. Did you know that in the weeks and months following childbirth most of the cheating partners do so?
  3. Most women said they would have a green light on an affair if their current partner had no chance to find out.
  4. Men are more likely to cheat compared with women. But as women become economically more independent, they begin to act more like men as regards infidelity.
  5. Online dating is more common than ever; the Internet is a breeding ground for individuals looking for an affair, to begin with. Many cheaters say they met in cyberspace with the person they were hooking up with.

Partner cheating-So what now?

First, you need to hire the right private investigator or investigation agency. Currently, there are a lot of unlicensed investigators or agencies, and as a result, full of immoral individuals who have no recognized training and equipment that is substandard. Don’t be misled by a glossy website promising the world. These people are no cheaper, and you have to pay twice or the worst-case scenario, so your partner is aware that you have initiated a private investigator to look at them.

Once you have conducted your research into a private eye, private investigator, private detective, or investigative agency, whatever you want to refer to it, you must then decide on the best course of action to take.

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