Multidimensional, sophisticated, and personalized.

Fraud costs organizations trillions of dollars each year and exposes them to significant legal risk. Action to protect your trade & organizations needs strong partnerships with private detective firms that can easily adapt their procedures to the specifics of your case.

Our corporate fraud team at AusCovert Investigations employs a proper mix of sophisticated technology, digital forensics, and recognized investigative techniques to achieve quick results for our clients. We are working to manage everything quickly and effectively, from corporate and domestic investigations and litigation support to ongoing due diligence.

Cyber FraudAusCovert Investigations is the privileged fraud investigative company for Fortune more than 825 businesses, multinational corporations, and any other reputable organization that crosses borders. In these important financial and political centers, we have offices all over Australia and abroad to provide on-the-ground support.

We also have an international network of investigators working around the world to investigate corporate fraud. Our expert team has the networks and close cultural knowledge necessary for any jurisdiction to get insider information. We are also fully knowledgeable in local laws to ensure that all data that we collect is legal, usable, and obtained ethically.

We are providing information that will help you move forward.

Our services for investigating fraud are sophisticated, multidimensional and above all, tailored to your business needs. Investigations into corporate fraud can serve a diversity of potential purposes, from examining accusations against a senior executive or rumors about a possible hire to developing corporate governance strategies that reduce risk when moving to new territories.

In everything we do, we emphasize our investigations to get you only the results you need. We do not use a “cookie-cutter” approach which would waste time following unnecessary leads. Instead, we struggle to provide useful information quickly, which will help you make more knowledgeable choices to move forward.

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