The renowned team at AusCovert Investigations has built an impressive reputation as corporate investigators with extensive reach in Australia as well as across several nations. Being a prominent investigation agency, we’ve created an assorted customer portfolio and continue to work towards increasing our global outreach. Beyond geographic expansion, we are also heavily invested in enhancing our proficiency across diverse investigative areas.

At AusCovert Investigations, our team provides a comprehensive suite of corporate investigation services, solidifying our reputation as one of the top service providers in the PI industry.

Corporate investigations play a crucial role in businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large companies. With the ever-present risk of scandals, businesses often face challenges such as unscrupulous conduct by internal staff, theft, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion, due diligence issues, product diversion, trademark issues, fraud, and other actions that can cause significant harm and losses.

Business investigators can help organizations prevent these mishaps and protect against damages. When dealing with corporations, unresolved issues can leave room for disaster. As corporate investigators, our primary goal is to safeguard your company from harm. This makes us the ideal choice for protecting your business.

We work diligently to prevent future damages and recover past losses by utilizing our experience and familiarity with corporate functions. Trust in our expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of your company.

Our expert corporate investigators at AusCovert Investigations specializes in understanding the complex aspects of various challenges. We are professional and dedicated to ensuring your concerns are addressed in the most effective way possible. Our investigations may focus on specific customers or employees, or span across nationwide inquiries. Regardless of the scope of the corporate investigation, our experienced personnel have successfully managed all types of cases.

Upon completion of the investigation, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report containing the results of the requested inquiries. Our team experts are committed to ensuring that no detail is missed by our investigators. By working together as a team, we strive to deliver the best outcomes and services to our clients.

Corporate investigation encompasses many areas, each with unique characteristics. As there is no single definition or a fixed number of disciplines in corporate investigation services, we continuously adapt to new areas that emerge. With the ongoing advancements in technology and business methods, the field is constantly expanding, and our corporate investigators are devoted to offering services in each of these areas. Some of the primary areas of corporate investigation include:

  • Business theft by employees or outsiders
  • Embezzlement or breach of trust
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Violation of company rules by members
  • Intimidation against the company (mostly by outsiders)

Acts That Corrupt a Company for Personal Gain

The rise of modern technology, such as internet fraud and eavesdropping, has led to an increase in:

  • Requests for due diligence services by companies
  • Corporate competitive information and espionage needs
  • Product trademark and patent infringement
  • Counterfeit products
  • Product piracy
  • Litigation support
  • Field investigations around the world
  • Workplace investigations
  • Commercial information services

AusCovert Investigations is a leading corporate investigation firm with offices worldwide. In recent years, we have broadened our investigative reach by partnering with national pioneers, making us a key collaborator in these countries. Our global team of investigators, particularly in corporate investigation services, has achieved impressive results by collaborating with various experts around the world.

Our investigators have delivered remarkable outcomes, even in unexpected cases. We have consistently achieved success in the field of corporate investigation over the past few years, resulting in satisfied customers and a sense of fulfillment for our team. Our team comprises trusted and experienced partners with the ability to solve cases through global connections.

Our client base has grown exponentially, serving major multinational corporations across the globe. In recent years, corporate crime has seen a significant increase, making our services more essential than ever. We take pride in the investigations we’ve conducted in the past, working with a wide range of companies, businesses, and their legal advisors. Our connections span various areas, including:

  • Corporate banking and financial matters
  • Insurance companies and international claims
  • Telecommunications companies in different regions worldwide
  • Sports brand and trademark concerns
  • Luxury and fashion brands across the globe
  • Media and entertainment industries and their stakeholders
  • Criminal cases and necessary investigations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Scientific research and associated organizations

AusCovert Investigations is a highly regarded investigative agency with a long history of investigating companies. Our work speaks for itself, and we’ve established partnerships in over 50 countries around the world. Our primary goal is to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients while maintaining the trust they’ve placed in us. We ensure complete confidentiality in all our investigations. Our corporate investigators treat every client equally, addressing all inquiries with the same level of care and dedication.