Counter Surveillance, Bug Sweeps for Business and High Net Worth Individuals

Counter surveillance, bug sweeping, or bug sweeps are very common in surveillance technology. Business operating in a high-competitive market, particularly when it comes to intellectual property, is very vulnerable to industrial espionage. The placement of electronic listening devices is one common method employed by competitors and their agents. It’s not just for companies, celebrities, and high net worth individual persons can also become targets.

Relatively inexpensive electronic surveillance bugs are available online


Anyone can get covert listening devices by google search that shows which companies are desperate for more aggressive espionage techniques to retain an intellectual lead face. Modern technology has allowed these surveillance devices to become very small, to operate independently, to send audio and video for days at a time with no requirements for attendance. To avoid suspicion, they can also be disguised, as virtually any common day to day item.

Most sophisticated devices can be incredibly small, hidden in the fibers and wires of cabling to a PC or phone, fitting into the parts of a pen, a lapel pin. They can turn up virtually anywhere with sizes down to millimeters, including as part of very common personal possessions such as clothing.

Counter Surveillance, electronic Bugs Sweeping Services

If you or your company are likely to be susceptible to this type of illegal aggressive gathering of intelligence, an equally aggressive counter-surveillance practice is essential. Suppose, regularly sweeping sensitive areas such as sensitive offices, boardrooms, laboratories, etc. for covert electronic listening devices or ‘bugs.’

There are many agencies claiming to be carrying out counter-surveillance operations like bug sweeps that can still leave you unprotected as there are plenty of cheap electronic surveillance options.

It is relatively easy to find bugs that are always transmitting or that may be activated to transmit voice or light, or that need access to a fixed supply. But, sophisticated devices are available which cannot be detected by conventional means. Advanced technology equipment that interacts directly with the semiconductors inside electronic equipment such as electronic bugs is required. So they detect the existence of concealed electronics, rather than the signals they radiate.

Effective devices for electronic counter surveillance-bug sweepers are not cheap

Acquiring a cheap bugging device is just as easy as making it a cheap electronic bug detector. Unfortunately, most sophisticated electronic bugs have their own built-in defenses systems and cheap sweeping devices can’t penetrate. Passive devices, for example, may not be active during a sweep. There are also a lot of electronic surveillance methods and techniques that conventional bug sweepers don’t readily detect. These may involve external building scans that activate passive devices built into the building’s structure or placed by bogus maintenance personnel in relatively inaccessible spaces.

So hiring a counter-surveillance company that has the most effective detection equipment is very important. This may not, of course, be cheap, since the high-professional equipment is often available only to the licensed companies.

Individuals are at risk too

The celebrities and newsworthy people are at risk too as they constantly hounded by the media. They can easily become the target of illegal and aggressive surveillance like bugging. Some net worth persons don’t care about it and they easily are victims of surveillance. Counter-surveillance can be a critical component of preserving high-profiles’ personal affairs and activities.

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