The Australian Police identify fraud as the most expensive crime category in the country, with deception-related crimes the largest workload in Australian courts. However, only around 25% of instances come to the attention of police.

Fraudsters tackle small and large businesses and old and young people without distinction. Many of these are too embarrassed to report incidents, because they believe they will look foolish. AusCovert Investigations wants to change this perception.

Our private investigators operate throughout Australia and are determined to bring these criminals before the courts. Call 1800 553 788 right now if you have been a victim. Or write a private email to this address in utmost confidence if you are concerned.

A Broad Definition of Fraud in Its Many Forms in Australia

Fraud occurs when someone obtains a benefit from another person through deceit, or causes them damage or another detriment. A few examples of this would include:

  • Obtaining an asset through deceit or persuading a victim to hand it to another
  • Gaining some other benefit, or causing a different loss by acting deceitfully
  • Convincing a person to do something unlawful, or to act when they should

The word ‘person’ includes a real person, a public body, a company, or an association of persons whether corporate or unincorporated.

Why Do We Need a Detective?

The world of detective work has long captivated the minds of novelists, filmmakers, and journalists alike. To the average person, the life of a detective seems full of excitement and romance – thrilling chases, covert surveillance, gunfights, and the apprehension of criminals. Many imagine detectives as some sort of superhuman, fluent in multiple languages, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to shoot in complete darkness, and possessing the ability to infiltrate any location – much like a secret agent or saboteur. However, the reality of the job demands more of an analytical mindset, abundant patience, computer literacy, valuable connections, and adaptability. While there may be some overlap with the skillset of a secret agent, it is not to the same extent or with the same objectives as those serving the state.

Before delving further, it’s important to establish why this particular profession exists in the first place. Some may argue that private detectives are unnecessary, given that many business owners have their own security services and most people have connections within the police force or other authorities. So, why do we need intermediaries between the public and the powers-that-be?

Hiring a Private Detective: The Benefits and Considerations

There are various reasons why someone might consider hiring a private detective, even if they already have connections within their personal or professional circles. This blog post examines some advantages of working with a private investigator and what you need to know when deciding to choose either an individual detective or a larger detective firm.

A private investigator can offer a degree of secrecy and confidentiality. Besides, relying on pals, relatives, or business partners might not ensure the same level of confidentiality. By acting as your representative in the shadows and managing the less glamorous tasks, a detective can contribute valuable information for your consideration.  Additionally, if agreed upon in advance, the detective can also analyse the gathered data and draw conclusions, offering specific recommendations based on your needs.

There are certain services that may not be appropriate to entrust to acquaintances or even security services. These can include issues related to family dynamics (such as conflicts between parents and children), the trustworthiness of hired nannies and housekeepers, and discreet outdoor surveillance. In these situations, a private detective can offer invaluable assistance.

When choosing between a solo detective and a larger detective agency, there are several factors to consider. A reputable detective agency may provide a higher degree of service quality and performance guarantees, thanks to their larger staff, access to advanced equipment, and connections within government agencies. However, a solo detective might offer more personalised attention and potentially lower fees.

In addition, hiring a private detective can be a valuable option for those seeking discreet and professional assistance in a variety of situations. Whether you choose to work with a solo detective or a larger agency, it’s essential to carefully consider your specific needs and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

In certain situations, it’s necessary to turn to larger detective agencies, especially when dealing with high volumes of orders, responsible work across regions or even internationally. However, there are some drawbacks to using these agencies, such as their relatively high cost due to the larger number of staff (including maintenance personnel), and the increased risk of information leakage. Furthermore, larger agencies may not take on delicate personal assignments as they prioritise maintaining their reputation and avoiding potential issues that could arise from losing their licence.

This is where independent private detectives come into the picture. They can offer complete confidentiality, and their services are often more affordable as they work alone or with only a few trusted assistants. Independent detectives can also handle delicate assignments with ease, utilising their extensive experience and well-honed techniques to complete tasks discreetly without drawing unwanted attention. In many cases, they may not even require a formal agreement, relying instead on a mutual understanding between themselves and the client.

Even though there aren’t numerous culprits in the private investigation field, it’s still crucial to authenticate the qualifications of the detective you opt to collaborate with. Prior to making arrangements, verify that they possess a legal license and detective certificate.

What to Do First, If Something Does Not Seem Right:  Top Australian Private Detective’s Tips

Our private detectives in Australia report one of the commonest responses is regretting not seeking advice when their ‘sixth sense’ warned them. Fraud is increasingly complex and sophisticated. However, the common denominator is a fraudster is a nice person you feel you can trust.

Moreover, some of these felons like to believe their hair-brained schemes will work out in the end, which they seldom do. At these difficult times it is wise to pause and say “Why did they single me out? What makes me so special they want to offer me this wonderful opportunity?”

The best defense is to stay informed about fraud currently trending in Australia, and to let this knowledge guide you in your business dealings, and personal transactions. If you were completely informed, and are watchful, then you should stand a fair chance of staying out of trouble.

You Could Ask Private Investigators in Australia for Advice

We are a network of Australian private investigators, and we share information from the four corners of the country. We are therefore exceptionally well informed about scams that are currently on the go, and how the fraudsters operate.

We regularly get calls from clients with their fingers on the button of large investments, or tempted to advance credit to someone they do not know well. Most fraudsters are prepared to allow a few days to make up their minds.

And if they do not, and insist on an immediate decision then you should have alarm bells ringing in your head. That’s because you are confronting a determined, uncaring criminal. If you go ahead, then there is probably not the slightest chance of getting your money back.

Therefore, if you find yourself in that position – and especially if you are under pressure – we invite you to call AusCovert Investigations on 1800 553 788, or to write us an email detailing your concerns.

We would love to help you avoid becoming a victim of an unfeeling fraudster. However, after this happens there is not much you can do about it, if they skipped the country or were working from overseas.